Techniques to successfully engage CEOs and Executive Directors (Part 5)

December 21, 2011

My last posts shared four of the five techniques to successfully engage executive clients: Preparation, Meeting Executives,  Engaging Executives and Negotiating Value-Based Fees.

Step 5 is the final technique. It is Relationship Development. There are seven tactics for optimum growth. They include:

  1. Make it personal – never a group
  2. Send emails: individuals en masse
  3. Pick up the phone
  4. Make office appointments
  5. Send gifts and thoughtful pieces
  6. Drop by for conversations
  7. Initiate events of mutual benefit – for example, treat them to a meal or drinks to discuss issues they are facing and how you can help them.

This concludes my series on tips to successfully engage executive clients. I hope you find it helpful in growing your practice. Looking for additional resources? Visit my site for audio interviews, my mentor program and more: www.visionaryleadership.com

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