Techniques to successfully engage CEOs and Executive Directors (Part 2)

December 14, 2011

My last post covered one of the five steps to successfully engage executive clients. Step 1 is Preparation.

Step 2 is Meeting Executives – there are four rules to attract leaders who are ready to act. They include:

  • Only attend events where your position is favorable (for example, you are featured as an expert, or you are participating as a peer)
  • 90% of CEOs only show up at CEOnly Events
  • You can die from exposure
  • Be a force of nature – create your own events

I’ve created a number of CEO events to address today’s issues — leadership during economic uncertainty, global expansion & international partnerships, engaging Hispanics, association trends and two 1-year long CEO leaders forums that included 4-8 participants.

How did I attract them? My ingredients are simple. They include sending an exclusive invitation, holding the event in an exclusive location (for example, at The Willard). Creating a PowerPoint with well-developed content and powerfully delivering my presentation.

What event could you offer executive clients to help address their needs? Try my approach to get a foot in the door. And read my next post for tips to engage them.

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