More tips to achieve breakthrough business leadership. Think: client networks (Part 2)

December 7, 2011

My last post shared obstacles to success. Avoid them to move ahead. This one shares drill-down tips to radically expand your client network. Take a moment to examine each tip to effectively achieve breakthrough business leadership:

  1. Build a personal map of relationships; go broad and shallow
  2. Select target groups and go deep
  3. Think in terms of social networks
  4. Practice activation; notice what goes viral
  5. Identify your connectors
  6. Build solutions for key groups and give them away
  7. Identify and pursue “gateway activities”
  8. Mold unique personal experience into new solution sets for target groups
  9. Focus first on traction, second on delivery
  10. Deliver amazing value; don’t hold back
  11. Identify key phrases that describe needs of your target groups and generate undeniable results
  12. Adopt a cause and lead the charge with results that matter

Put these techniques to use to cross the threshold to a new performance level. Check out my final post for growth strategies for independent firms.

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