Need to jumpstart your business fast? (Part 2)

November 30, 2011

My last post covered one of the three techniques for accelerating engagements fast, Engineering a Mindshift.

The second tool to get things moving is to Find Clients Ready to Act.

There are always leaders ready to act. Make it your job to find them, and be found. Employ the following to grow your clients: 

  • Go through your best client list and send them each an email that says, “I have been thinking about your work and have 3 ideas for improving your business.” When you call be ready to share, but also ready to listen. Initiate engagement, then build conversation.
  • Create a special offer. For example, “I am making a special offer for my favorite clients this month. I have room for three engagements and will make you a priority if you respond to me in 7 days.”
  • Get the word out.  Identify the networkers in your life and let them know you have availability and are actively looking.
  • Conduct a referral campaign. Check in with existing clients, ask them to share your name with friends and customers.
  • Create a symposium for high-level clients. Do it all in 3 weeks: put it together, invite them and carry it out.

Use these tips to become an expert marketing tactician. Clients will follow. 

My next post wraps up my series on jumpstarting business. Check back in for my final thoughts.

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