Create opportunity in any market with special offers and surges

November 23, 2011

Looking to pump up your client list? Create special offers and surges to create opportunities that turn into engagements. Below are 4 tips to get the ball rolling: 

  1. Define a time span: start with a launch and end with a deadline.
  2. Use an anchor: connect the surge to a real event such as a holiday, a news event, or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  3. Deliver bundles of value: multiple ways for your clients to get the results they yearn for.
  4. Progressive calls to action: make it clear what the client can do to get access to the goodies, leading them down a path of greater and greater value. Examples include — join this free tele-seminar, buy this book, enroll in this seminar.

Try this approach to create dramatic new value for new or existing clients and grow your business.

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