Two Essential Keys to Never Losing Momentum in Business

November 4, 2011

Business seems to go up and down. What do you do when there’s nothing to do?

Invest in education, go to seminars, try new techniques, spend money, stay up at night. When you make these efforts, the ball starts to roll. You have the phenomenon of a fly wheel, where you give it a little push and it continues at high speed. This is the place you want to be. 

Below are two keys to never losing momentum in business:

  1. Traction – it’s about people being interested in you, wanting to know about the kind of work you do. It’s about catching people’s ears, turning their head, capturing their heart. It’s about having conversations that count with people in your area of interest. It comes from engagement, talking and interacting with your target market, getting a real sense of what’s on their mind, what they want to do and helping them to do it. I try to generate and foster these activities to turn into productive interaction.It’s like a feedback loop. You don’t know you’ve got it until you test it. You have to throw the line to see if there’s a bite. If there’s not a bite, you don’t have traction.  It’s about the dance, chemistry between two people that lets you know that you have, what Alan Weiss calls, conceptual agreement. It’s the indicator that you’re on the same page with someone. 
  2. Systematic periodic outreach – send stuff out on a regular basis to let people know that you’re there. This not only reminds them you’re around, but it also offers them something to look forward to. People start to look for it and depend on it. This creates momentum that doesn’t stop and keeps growing and growing. Give it a try.

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