Launching a Major Marketing Campaign – Part 4

November 2, 2011

What are the essential elements of a major marketing campaign?

What makes media outreach effective? High touch follow-up. It’s the key to successful marketing. This includes personalized communications, follow-up with an email or phone call to make sure they received the message. Ask for feedback and ways to help. Offer an executive summary. If they agree, then add them to your marketing list. If not, ask them how you can serve them better and build a bridge to possibly be a client down the road. 

Make it personal. Ask what worked for you? Would you like more info on that? Would you like me to come in and give a presentation to your board? The ultimate goal is traction. This is how to personalize your approach to make it happen. 

Final thoughts: create a plan that is simple and powerful. Start your plan by looking for a level of elegance. Go for the ideal that Alan Weiss talks about: high value, low level intensity. Be bold, concise and simple. Be clear of what you have to offer and what is responsive – and build your client list.

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