Launching a Major Marketing Campaign – Part 1

October 26, 2011

What are the essential elements of a major marketing campaign?

There are four primary elements to every marketing campaign that are non-negotiable in my book. Here’s a look at the first one:

You have to know your target group. You absolutely need to focus in on one segment of the population. It doesn’t mean that you exclude people who come to you for work, it simply means you need to bend over backwards to understand and target this special group, to hit the bullseye with your target.

How do you do this? 

  • Mainlining: pouring a lot of value directly into the target group. Study their needs and become proficient at serving them systematically and with powerful impact.
  • Expansion: the peripheral activity that happens as a result of mainlining. This is the derivative work that falls outside your target group. It happens as a natural occurrence. Even though you focus on the target group, your efforts inevitably spill over and generate other market activity.

For example, my current target group is non-profit leaders. This is the group I am actively studying and learning how to serve.

However, through the primary activities I conduct to help non-profit leaders, my mainline, I often attract the attention of other kinds of leaders. As a result I have many different types of clients, including leaders in government and the private sector. This is what I mean by expansion.

Look for my next post for more on how to conduct a major marketing campaign.

One comment

  1. Thanks Seth. This is incredibly useful. I look forward to the next post. Mike

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