Proactive marketing: it’s the bridge to your future

October 24, 2011

An effective marketing campaign starts with proactive marketing. What does that mean? Many think it’s marketing done in advance of a need so that you’re ahead of the curve. 

But I think it’s more than that. It’s really trying to understand the situation that your client is in; really working hard to know the details of it. So that when you reach out to them, you’re reaching out to address the needs that their experiencing in real time. 

Knowing the environment of your target market can help you gain attention. It shows that you’re in touch with the marketplace. You have an understanding of what their going through which gives you an edge – you have traction. You have their attention, they’ll listen to you. Now it’s time to follow your marketing campaign.

 My next series of posts will cover the essential elements of an effective marketing campaign. Stay tuned.

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