Be an Artist of Tomorrow

May 31, 2011

[tweetmeme source= “sethkahan” only_single=false]What future is calling that requires your participation to emerge?

When I say a future is calling, I mean there is a world as yet unrealized that feels to you as though it is waiting to be born, and yet relies upon your artistry and execution.

We are all stirred by different visions. Some of us are compelled to marry and raise a family. Some want to see a world where children regardless of race or economic circumstance have the opportunity to be educated and exert their talents. For the artist, it is the potential that lays dormant in the blank canvas, the unchiselled stone, or the silent piano. What is it for you?

Do you take the time to listen deeply to your heart, to ask what noble stirs the recesses of your being? For each of us there is a uniquely personal way to tune into what we consider most important. For me, quiet walks in nature away from the bustling crowd help me to find my inner compass. I get up most mornings before the others in my house to walk in the early morning air, just so I can experience my inner direction and purpose.

Do you have a sense of destiny or mission?  Some  bristle when talk moves to this realm, but these words can be used to evoke the grandness of individual spirit while simultaneously maintaining flexibility for a variety of philosophical orientations. Think of destiny as that which you uniquely can inhabit, and mission as a grand project that inspires while capturing your imagination. What is your destiny? Have you claimed a mission or two?

Each of us contributes to the world, recognized or not. Our presence makes a difference, changes the world. And there is so much that can be done to improve life, to influence what is possible. Take the time to consider what you can do that no other can offer, and give yourself the gift of artistry – be an agent for that which you most deeply believe in. Become a willing artist for the future that depends upon you.

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  1. What a timely post, Seth. I’m really enjoying your blog. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day runnings of the business and forget why you started in the first place. Thanks for the reminder!

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