Reading Books to Build Your Business

May 25, 2011

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How do you read books that give you good ideas about how to improve your business? I do it with a highlighter, a pen, post-it notes, and a journal in hand. When good ideas strike, I highlight them. When I see something I can execute, I write it down somewhere I will be able to review it. These days I am reading two kinds of books: electronic and physical.

When I am reading an electronic book, I freely use of the highlighter and notes mechanism that comes with the application – usually Kindle. Often I read the book on my MacBook, in which case I have a great  journal running, MOAppsDiary, to log my ideas in simple to follow-up format.

When I am reading a physical book, I write in the margins and highlight text without regard for messing up the book. I consider the book a tool for my growth and see its development in my hands as visible evidence of its value. I use post-it notes to mark pages, scribbling topics on the edge of the post-it which sticks out from between the pages.

I always have a list of books going in three different domains: (1) improving my business performance, (2) skill development, and (3) market change that impacts my customers.

For example, here are the books I am reading today in each of these categories:

Improving Business Performance

Skill Development

Market Change

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