Do you Care about your Clients?

May 20, 2011

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Techniques and tools are excellent, but do you really care about the people you are serving? Do you want to see their situation improve?

The key is to focus on the buyer as someone with whom you you want to develop a long-term relationship. It’s like focusing on your swing in golf and not on hitting the ball. You have to exercise patience and restraint. This is a philosophy and a value system. The techniques themselves are not difficult, but the volition is.     – Alan Weiss, How to Acquire Clients: Powerful Techniques for the Successful Practitioner

I think about my best clients all the time. I send them books and articles that I think they will enjoy and can have a positive impact on their circumstances. I am energized by their work and our relationships. I look for ways to cultivate and enrich what we are capable of doing together.

I enjoy collaborating with them. I subscribe to their newsletters and sometimes send back a personal response when I am moved by their writing or have an idea that might be helpful. I am cultivating friendships based on the ability to mutually generate value in the marketplace.

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