Clear, Bold, & Compelling

May 18, 2011

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When you communicate are you clear, bold, and compelling… or muddled, timid, or unconvincing?  Learn to speak and write clearly about your views. Take risks and put yourself out there. Speak with authority on topics you have deep knowledge of, convey that knowledge, and take people to innovative and unexpected conclusions. That’s the secret to commanding attention. Do all this in line with your brand and it will grow.

One of my brands right now is being futuristic and visionary, but grounded and practical. I talk to people about change. See for example, my Fast co piece, 10 Patterns in our Continuously Disruptive World. I use this as an outline for a speech and work the material over and over until I get into the groove with making points, telling stories, delivering jokes. That helps me to be forceful. I take questions, too, so I can understand what the audience is having difficulty digesting as well as what they want to know more about – and that goes into future speeches and my next article.

What I am saying is that being clear, bold, and compelling takes an effort. Make sure you put it in. It’s like the old joke where the aspiring musician asks the icon, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” And the master answers, “Practice.” In other words, you don’t just get to be famous because you want to. Instead you develop yourself… a lot. As a result you become worth listening to. Then people will ask you to take the stage.

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