Identify your Target Clients

February 24, 2011

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In order to attract the best possible fit for your clientele, you must know who they are.  Here are some points to consider:

  1. When I am doing my best work, who am I serving?
  2. Which group of people do I have (a) the passion to serve, and (b) something valuable to offer?
  3. Is there a group of people who (a) I most enjoy being with, and (b) I can  make a qualitative improvement in their lives or provide them with something they value?

I came to a point in my work when I realized that I was going to be spending a significant chunk of my life with my target clients. With that insight, I set out to define a group I would be inspired by, people I admire, clients I could serve and take real joy in the day-to-day activity of my work.

For me it was visionary leaders. Leaders are people of influence, often running an operation. Visionaries are people who have an image of the future that is much better than today’s world and are dedicated to bringing it into existence. Hence, my target client group is visionary leaders.

Over the years I have chalked up a lot of experience helping visionary leaders implement their ideas. I came to see that one of the biggest stumbling blocks they face is creating the enthusiasm and alignment among their many stakeholders, creating an esprit de corps that results in coordinated action across many fronts.

This was something I knew a good deal about and so I began applying my experience to this challenge. As a result I now spend a good deal of my professional time helping visionary leaders get the buy-in, support, and engagement that makes generates success for their efforts.

As I looked further into my target client group I realized it was necessary for them to have the funds to dedicate to my activity; i.e., be able to pay me an appropriate amount for the value I provide. That narrowed my target group even more.

For small organizations I generally work for the CEO or executive director. For medium and large organizations it can be the CEO, but might also be any member of the executive team or a senior manager with accountability to deliver a return on the organization’s investment including budget authority.

  • Who are you thrilled to serve?
  • What can you offer that is based upon your life history, interest, and expertise?
  • Which segment of this population has the power to (a) decide you are the best person for the job, and (b) cut the check?

Answer these questions and you are well on your way to defining your target market.

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