Are you doing what you need to succeed in Google?

April 12, 2010

Do a Google search on Seth Kahan and take a look at what you get.

VisionaryLeadership.com, my website, is top of the heap. That is thanks to my web guy, Jon Roehm of heatbrain. He knows his SEO.

You’ll also see my Fast Co articles, references to me through Steve Denning’s site (from 2003 – gotta love the web!) and Alan Weiss’s blog. Then there are press releases, and my appearance on the heatbrain website. Page 2 is more of the same with my Washington Post articles thrown in.

Write, write, write. Get yourself out there to be seen. I had a call from a potential mentoree a couple of weeks ago. I googled him and could not find a single reference! Not acceptable. Get your material out on the web so that people can find you!  Your content, your point of view, your two cents… it needs to be out there where interested parties can grab ahold.

When my first Fast Co post went viral, a senior editor at McGraw-Hill checked me out. He read a bunch of my material and decided to call me, asked me to submit a book proposal. Sure is a good thing I had something there for him to read. You need to do the same.

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