When Love Speaks, Take Notes

April 5, 2010

Most of us are not continuously in touch with our most powerful clarity, infused with purpose and on point with the actions we need to take in order to realize our most precious dreams. Yet there are those high points, when everything becomes clear.

Sometimes it is upon waking when the remnants of a dream tickle our mind with the magic of deep knowing. Others it is a moment of inspiration while doing some mundane task like gardening or taking a shower.  Inspiration often strikes me when I am listening to others.

When my strongest sense of purpose suddenly becomes clear and I see the path ahead clearly, I have learned to take notes.  When this happens, I say “Love is talking” because, for me, love is at the center of my internal guidance system.  Your internal guidance may be run by something different, but whatever you call it, when it shows up and begins talking to you, find a way to get it down so you can review it in your less lucid moments.

I keep a pad handy on my nightstand. I carry a journal with me on the road.  I use my iPhone’s built-in voice recorder to quickly leave myself a memo, or record an exceptional conversation.

There are some people I know will inspire me, and they have gotten used to me popping out a small digital voice recorder and asking, “Mind if I record this? It will be for you and me only. I want to remember this conversation. I will gladly send a copy to you later today.”

The point is that our mental acuity ebbs and flows. When an exceptional insight surfaces, write it down or record it. You can use these to guide your plans and develop later, when vision is in short supply.

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