Surge Forward When Times are Tough

March 29, 2010

I have been conducting a series of interviews with world-class consultants.  This morning I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Guido Quelle, owner of Mandat Management Group in Germany. He spoke of how he bought his company during a difficult economic time and invested his personal energy, time, and resources just when things were tough. As a result he achieved 300% growth in the following year and continued triple-digit growth for two years after that (you’ll have the opportunity to listen to this call in the days ahead on this blog).

Just when things are challenging, it is the perfect time to mount a significant effort, inside and out, to move forward and make progress. There are a variety of reasons for this. Some are:

  • When times are tough, your clients are looking for those who can make a real difference in their lives.
  • You stand out from the crowd. While everyone is retreating, you are moving forward. When the environment is pulling back, you have real opportunity to differentiate yourself.
  • You have the most to gain, and can often count on a multiplier when the market comes back.
  • When everyone else is surging forward, your progress is minimized by the successes of the surrounding market.
  • When people are hunkering down, you can leverage your activity, taking significant ground.
  • You are forced to focus, be selective in your investments. Your efforts tend to count more, to be more valuable to you.

The economy is coming back, but it’s not back yet. Use this opportunity to build your business presence, initiate new value, and make your mark. It’s the perfect time!

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