Write Your Book!

March 24, 2010

If you’re reading this and you haven’t yet written a book, make that a goal for 2010. Write your book! If you don’t know how or are blocked in any way, join my mentor program and we’ll make it your first project. It will propel you into a new league. If you do know how, get busy!

My book, Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out, is coming out in May. I am actively researching how to make this a success. In the days ahead, I will publish some of what I am learning.

Here is the first big lesson:  selling copies of the book is not generally a source of significant income. Instead the book serves two other purposes that generate real revenue: speeches and contracts.  Speeches are a distant second to consulting.

So, if you are still in the planning stage of your book, pick a topic that you can leverage into engagements. Your book title and content should be aligned with your primary business strategy.  Your book will serve as a key to open doors, establishing you as a valid authority in your field. Make sure it opens the doors you are most interested in opening.

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