Alan Weiss on How to Leverage a Commercially Published Book to Obtain Consulting Contracts

March 19, 2010

Here is a real treat: a candid conversation with consultant extraordinaire, Alan Weiss, author of the best seller, Million Dollar Consulting. Most of the interview is dedicated to how you leverage your commercially published book to achieve lucrative engagements.

Toward the end the exchange takes an interesting turn, exploring a philosophy of life that supports exceptional results in every domain.

I am proud to be associated with Alan. I have studied under his mentorship for eight years. His techniques and unique perspective on marketing have brought me great rewards both in my business and personal life. Because his ideas are original, practicable, and valuable, I turned to him when I needed to find out how to turn a book into better consulting contracts. In this conversation you will learn:

  • Why a commercially published book is like a referral and how to use that to your advantage
  • Techniques for getting the book in front of the right people and following up effectively
  • How you can use trade associations to get your book into the hands of economic buyers
  • Tactics to create the right kind of publicity, the kind that puts you in front of buyers
  • How Alan used his worst selling book to generate over $2 million in business
  • How a book bounces you down the accelerant curve with your clients
  • One tactic that teaches you how to target specific buyers and get in front of them
  • The real value of book jacket endorsements – it’s not what you think, yet provides real leverage

Plus some uncensored hilarity and philosophical musings. This 35 minute conversation is worth the ride!

One comment

  1. I loved the idea that you should never focus on Amazon rankings. It frees me from watching my book (Riding the Current: How to deal with the daily deluge of data) fluctuate across large numbers!

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