Nancy MacKay, World-class CEO Consultant, Interviewed

March 18, 2010

Dr. Nancy MacKay runs 9 CEO Forums across Canada with 12 CEOs in each group, as well as Executive Forums where she brings executives together from non-competing industries.

Nancy is the co-author of the book The Talent Advantage with Alan Weiss.  As a speaker she has addressed thousands of people across Canada, the United States, Norway, the United Kingdom and throughout Australasia.

Nancy is also an executive coach and organizational consultant working to improve individual and organizational performance.

Nancy is an inductee into  Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame and, like me, a Master Mentor in Alan Weiss’ Mentor Program, teaching other consultants how to succeed in life and work.

In this interview Nancy shares:

  • The evolution of her business
  • Major turning points in her business growth
  • Details on how she runs her CEO forums including what takes place inside the meetings and the marketing she engages in to continue to grow her practice
  • How she asks for referrals
  • How she uses her book to create speaking engagements and generate business
  • Writing her book
  • Her vision of building a community across the country

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