Serve More Clients in Less Time

March 15, 2010

My main motivation for leaving my job at the World Bank in 2002 was fourfold: I wanted to (i) be in charge of my professional development, (ii) have all kinds of learning experiences, (iii) make more money, and (iv) have more time with my family. How was I going to do the last if I didn’t get the my time under control?

I have dedicated myself to leveraging my time so that I can do more with less. In addition to freeing me up to spend more time listening to my wife’s music (Listen to Laura Baron’s latest award-winning album here!) and playing with my son, it allows me to provide greater value to my clients and enjoy life more – that’s a lot of great results from one activity!

How do you serve more clients in less time? Focus on value, not time. I don’t make one hour appointments with clients – I go to create results. If we are done in 25 minutes, the meeting ends. I don’t define events by minutes, hours, days. I define them by results. You can, too. Imagine what your life would be like if you were outcome-focused instead of time-driven. More fun. Bigger bank account. More free time.

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