A Global Community of World-class Consultants Helping each other Succeed

March 5, 2010

The world-class consultants below will automatically become your colleagues when you join my Private Roster™ Mentor Program! No joke. Read on.

Over the last several weeks I have begun to interview world-class consultants who are members of the global consulting community I belong to.

In fact, most of the consultants below are mentors themselves. If so, the audio interview explains how to get in touch with them directly. Or you can simply visit Alan Weiss’s website where we are all listed. When you register you have the option to choose the mentor you would like to work with. Of course, I am listed there.

The conversations I link you to below have been enormously popular, increasing web-traffic to this site by multiples on the day each is published. They continue to receive regular visits afterwards.  My interviews of these extraordinary practitioners focus on their business growth, so you can learn what it is like to grow a successful independent practice through the life experience of so many different high-achievers. I also want to expose you to the set of world-class practitioners because they will become your colleagues when you join my mentor program. (2nd time I said it – I hope this is sinking in!)

I know each of these people personally, through attending seminars together with them, participation in mastermind groups, corresponding with them on our 24/7 forum, and teleconferences (all of this is available to you, too, through my mentor program). In fact, their support and input has been a major contributor to my own success, in terms of revenue generation, mainstream media exposure, expansion of my client list, quality of my engagements, increases in my fees, lowering of my labor intensity, and life balance.

As a result of the personal interaction I have had with each of these people  I can confidently say they are world-class. Many of them have million dollar or even multi-million dollar practices.  All of them started single-handedly, running a solo venture.

Their expertise crosses many boundaries. They come from different parts of the world, though they all travel internationally as needed in their work.

There are more interviews to come – the pipeline appears endless – there are over 750 participants in this global community! As you will see when you listen to the conversations below, they are eager to share what has made them successful. This is the defining feature of the Global Mentor Community – we help each other with strategy, techniques, and issues that arise, forming a home-base where people can turn to get real advice to face real challenges.

Each of the people below has given their time in this spirit, opening their doors to you because it is part of our esprit de corps: helping each other succeed. Here are the links to those I have interviewed thus far. Enjoy!

  • Alan Weiss, Master Mentor – Rhode Island, USA – Alan is the founder and primary source of  knowledge behind the entire community.
  • Rob Nixon, Entrepreneur – Brisbane, Australia
  • Linda Henman, Executive Coach – Missouri, USA
  • Scott Simmonds, Insurance Assurance Consultant – Maine, USA
  • Amanda Setili, Organizational Consultant – Georgia, USA
  • Erik Pelton, Trademark Lawyer – Virginia, USA
  • Chad Barr, Web & Software Guru – Ohio, USA
  • Phil Symchych, Business Growth Expert – Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Linda Popky, Communications and Marketing Expert – California, USA

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  1. Seth,

    Thank you for the kind mention, creating remarkable value to other and for the amazing work you do.




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