Sparkle and joie de vivre!

March 3, 2010

Success isn’t just working and earning money – it’s having the time and space to breath. I have a friend who put all his energy into securing contracts. Now he has plenty of those and nothing else! He is on the gerbil wheel of success, grinding through one contract after another with barely enough time to go for a walk around the block. That’s no way to live.

When I left my dayjob in 2002 it wasn’t just to make a lot of money – my primary motivation was to have significant time with my son, then 3 years old, my wife, and nice, long walks in nature. Those were my big rewards and they came right away. It took me awhile to get business up and running, but the real rewards started Day One and they have continued through to this moment.

What is your primary motivation, your raison d’être, the most important reason for your existence?  Find it and hold onto it as your circumstances shift. This is how to create a life of meaning and joy.

Life will buffet you, your situation will change, you will have to make adjustments. The twisting and turning, the constant refinement, the adjustments and sacrifices have the potential to combine and generate a sense of inner direction, a knowledge at your core, an internal compass.  It is this which leads to a life well-lived, the source of sparkle and joie de vivre!

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