Seven Core Practices

February 25, 2010

These seven practices form the foundation for success as an independent agent:

1. MindSet → Staying at the Top of Your Game Often the most difficult challenge – your mindset is your most valuable asset. What are you tuned to, focused on? How are you going about it? Learn to watch the way you approach your work and what you choose to train your attention upon.

2. Contacting New Clients → Systematic Outreach Week in, week out, you must reach out to new and better clients, providing insights that can be put to work and inviting them to take advantage of the value you have to offer.

3. Value-based Fees → Creating the Environment for Success Shifting from a time-based approach to one that identifies the ROI is critical to making the jump to better results for your clients.

4. Excellence in Delivery → Mastery This is your domain, your area of expertise. It is here that you earn your reputation through impact and delivery. Make this your dojo.

5. Asking for Referrals → Building on Results Everyone you meet is a node in a social network, and your best clients are connected to others like themselves – others who need your products and services and will make the best use of it. Make sure you are making it easy for them to refer you to others.

6. Reducing Labor Intensity → Making Time This is the key to high performance. Work the 80-20 rule and drop activity that is not bringing the results you are capable of, focusing instead on those areas that are highly rewarding.

7. Enjoying Life → Partaking of Life’s Great Bounty This is what it’s all about – whether it’s time in nature, quality moments with your family, playing your clarinet, or taking your new car for a long quiet ride through the countryside. Find the moments that mean so much, and participate often.

One comment

  1. More outstanding advice, Seth. This is quite the list; a recipe for total success. Thank you. ~Steve

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