5 More Ways to Get Better Clients

February 23, 2010
1. Know How to Steer Clients toward Genuine Value.
Learn how to expertly guide conversations toward topics that make a difference. Practice efficiency, focus, and good-natured stewardship. Consider it your job to see that progress is made, topics that matter are discussed, and actions are taken.
2. Respect Yourself.
Know the value of your contribution and set your life up accordingly. Associate with others who value what you have to offer. Make it a point to build a lifestyle that supports your best effort and highest returns. Surround yourself with players who love working with you, on and off the court.
3. Treasure Existing Relationships and Show It.
Go the extra yard. Help out when you can. I have one client that hit hard times in 2010 – they have employed me for over 5 years to provide leadership training for their top members and work with the CEO and senior team. In my conversations with the CEO I learned that he was facing severe cutbacks of staff and programs. I offered him two days of time in the year ahead to use at his discretion, gratis. He took me up on one day, and our relationship was cemented. I made it clear that I support him.
4. Build Relationships for the Long Term.
Give people the space to grow. Invest in valuable partnerships. Plant seeds, water daily, and provide lots of sunshine. Be eager to have conversations that make a difference. If someone is going through a particular challenge, drop him or her a line. I am working with an Executive VP who is a real piece of work, tough and cynical. His wife just underwent a difficult operation and he mentioned it to me in passing. On the night after the operation I sent him a short note of support, wishing them both well. He gratefully responded. It’s still hard working with him, but we don’t have to pretend life is other than it is. That authenticity helps us both in the long haul. Fortify your relationships to make them last.
5. When you have a Great client, Ask for Referrals.
Tell your best clients how much you value them and why. Say, “You are one of my best clients. I love working with you because… Do you know other people in your position that could use me the ways you have? I would welcome more clients like you.”

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