Trademark Lawyer, Erik Pelton, Interviewed

February 19, 2010

Erik is a trademark attorney with special expertise in providing intellectual property expertise to small businesses and independent consultants.

Prior to beginning his own practice, Erik reviewed trademark applications as an Attorney for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In 1999 he founded his practice focused on trademark and copyright matters. His website is tm4smallbiz.com.

In this interview Erik shares:

  • Trademark vs Copyright – what each is, how and when to use them.
  • How to Trademark and how to copyright
  • Basic services and their fees
  • What makes a good, strong trademark
  • How to use trademarking to enhance the strength and value of your brand

One comment

  1. Great Q/A session Erik and Seth. learned a lot. It is a small world. I have known Erik from the Arlington area, and Seth from his involvement at World Bank. Now, I get to listen to two of you talking about trademark etc. Great job. Looking forward to more interesting information.

    Cheers … DB

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