World Class Consultant, Chad Barr, Interviewed

February 18, 2010

Chad Barr runs a global software and Internet company, CB Sofware Systems, Inc. His clients include those in the restaurant supply and foodservice business, distribution and manufacturing, healthcare, and many others.

Chad was among the first to be recognized for excellence in his practice by being inducted into Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame. He has been running a business for over two decades and achieved dramatic success in the last seven years.

Chad is well known for his contribution to colleagues, providing technology solutions that generate extreme, high-value knowledge sharing. One shining example is the forum he developed for Alan Weiss’s global community of consultants.

In this interview Chad shares:

  • How he maintains a strategic point of view
  • Breakthroughs in his practice resulting in dramatic business growth
  • Tactics he has used for improving revenue
  • The power of working with trusted advisors
  • How he has grown his organization
  • His latest book which focuses on using technology to achieve higher levels of success
  • Reflections on breaking the $1,000,000 revenue mark

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