4 Ways to Build Your OnLine Presence Today!

February 15, 2010

I now mentor people in how to succeed in their marketing, so I get calls from folks all the time to check me out. Last week I had someone call who was clearly qualified to be making a hefty 6-figure income as a consultant, but was making zero, nada.

Before I returned his call, I searched on the web to find his name. The only thing that came up was a reference to him in a well-known news publication. There was nothing out there! Unacceptable. You must build a body of work so when people go looking for you, they find you. Check me out. Google Seth Kahan. I am all over that page.

In the 60s you couldn’t afford not to be listed in the yellow pages. In the 2000s, you must have an online presence. How else are your clients going to find you? Here are four things you can do today to fix this:

1. Get your Google email account.
Don’t make it a project. Mine is sethkahan@gmail.com.  There are a million free tools that become available as soon as you have this passport. You may not use it for everything, or even most things, but it is invaluable in enough situations to make it mandatory.

2. Fill out your Google profile.
It doesn’t have to be comprehensive. Look at mine. There’s hardly anything there. But, do you think Google indexes these profiles? Of course!  You can always fill in the details later.

3. Produce white papers and publish them online. Write a blog.
Blogs are free everywhere! WordPress is great. That’s what I’m using here. But, there are plenty of others. Publish material that you will be proud of professionally. It doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. Hardly anyone is wearing ties or hose on the web. But, they are looking for genuine content that can help them out. Make sure your content is to the point, usable.

4. Publish press releases.
On the Internet, press releases are global. Document all your milestones. Find mine and copy the format. They are all on my website, VisionaryLeadership.com, in the Newsroom.

You have to put yourself out there. There is no reason for Google to come up empty handed. Make it so!

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