From Marketing to Strategic Engagement

February 10, 2010

Marketing plans are defunct. Strategic engagement is now required. Your purpose is not to tell others, broadcast to others, reach others — instead, it is to find the people who are looking for a partner like you to make valuable things happen including profit and impact.

What are the typical elements of a Marketing Plan? A description of your product or service, your marketing budget,  your strategy for outreach (ads, phone calls, brochures), your pricing plan, your target market, your business competition, your image… it’s about you, you, you! That’s the wrong focus – plain and simple. Further, if you act on it, it’s wasted money.

If you are an entrepreneur, marketing is everything. Yet, the traditional plan is grossly inadequate because its whole orientation is wrong. Instead, you want to engage clients in creating a better future they value.

Don’t create a Marketing Plan. Create a Strategic Engagement Plan. Then, act on it!

What are the elements of a Strategic Engagement Plan?

  1. A statement of the unique circumstances, the confluence of events that makes this moment an opportunity.
  2. A description of the unique talent and assets you have ready to turn this opportunity into something of real value: a better state, greater impact, increased growth, more profit, whatever is better than what we have today…
  3. Identification of the people best suited to work together with you to realize these gains: people who understand the situation, are hungry to act, and have the means to engage you.
  4. Conditions for success – what is required to realize the best possible outcomes.
  5. Methods for contact, interaction, and full-bore engagement.
  6. Support required to follow contact up with action, moving onto results as fast as possible.

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