101 Questions for Any Sales Situation You’ll Ever Face

February 9, 2010

Alan Weiss is a master. I have been studying with him for 8 years – he is my mentor. Just last night he gave me permission to share this white paper with you. In it he includes questions you can put to use on these important topics:

  1. Qualifying the Prospect
  2. Finding the Economic Buyer
  3. Rebutting Objections
  4. Establishing Objectives
  5. Establishing Metrics
  6. Assessing Value
  7. Determining the Budget Range
  8. Preventing Unforeseen Obstacles
  9. Increasing the Size of the Sale
  10. Going for the Close
  11. The Most Vital Question

This paper has helped me dozens of time. I review it regularly. You can download it here.

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