4 Steps for Prioritizing, Getting Down to Business

February 5, 2010

If you find yourself overloaded with busywork and your not making as much money as you like, it’s a sure sign that you need to prioritize and let go of activity that is not moving you forward. Here is a quick 3-step process for doing just that:

A. Make a Grand Master List of everything that is floating in your head, all the things that you want to do. No criteria. If it’s somewhere on a to-do list, a sticky note, a napkin, or just floating in your mind, then put it on this list. It might take a couple of sheets of paper.

B. Go through the entire list and check the things that are sure to make a difference, the ones you know will take you immediately forward on something that will either generate revenue or build your market.

C. Just looking at the checked items, rank them by impact and immediacy.  Here’s the ranking system:

  1. Big Impact, Now
  2. Big Impact, Down the Road
  3. Less than Big Impact, Now
  4. Less than Big Impact, Down the Road

D. Take all the 1’s and focus on them. Let the 2’s follow. Everything else is not a priority. That’s it. ¡Basta!

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