6 Tips for Marketing in a Challenging Economy

February 4, 2010

What is a challenging economy but a time when everyone – at least your potential clients – are watching their expenditures and only spending their money where it counts?  This is good medicine, if you are up to it. It means that your offerings need to meet their test, need to generate real value, must improve their condition.

When spending is thin, turn your efforts to what matters most and let it sharpen your focus. As an independent agent, you have the freedom to extend your efforts where you choose. This puts you in the best possible situation for it creates a nimbleness and flexibility many do not have.

  1. Study you circumstances, get to know the details of what your clients are facing. Engage them in dialog. Find out where their attention is most acute.
  2. Ask yourself how you can best serve. Perhaps instead of teaching people how to use social media, you should focus on social media that draws customers, or social media that builds a brand, or social media that reaches new markets.
  3. Let your insights influence your strategy and tactics. Embrace your learning. Change your tack: adjust your course by turning your head into and through the wind, so as to put it in your favor.
  4. Test your assumptions. Contact clients and share with them your insights. Gauge their interest. If people are hesitant or unsure, adjust as needed. Look for the sweet spot, where others jump at opportunity because it meets their need.
  5. Take action. Act decisively. Put yourself out there.
  6. Look for a response and adjust as you go. Remember this is a dance, not a monologue.  When you contact your people, be sensitive to their moves at the same time that you are bold with your initiative.

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