The Magic and the Power of Magnetism

February 1, 2010

This is the fundamental reversal you want to achieve with your clients: you want them to look for you, rather than you look for them.  When you go looking for clients, you are at a disadvantage. They will set the price. They will determine the circumstance.  You want control of both. That’s what happens when they are seeking you out, rather than the opposite.

First, you want to control the circumstance because you are the expert. You know the conditions for success. When you can design the experience, you can create the best possible results and generate the most value for your clients. If they are in control of the circumstance, chances are they will – at worst – botch things up badly or – at best – achieve great results happenstance.  Take the reins. Deliver the goods.

Second, you want to control the circumstance because you can set your fee. This allows you to charge based on what the value you deliver, rather than being priced like a commodity. Value based pricing is best for all involved as it ensures the most value for the least effort, which is in everyone’s best interest.

So, figure out how to be a magnet, pulling your potential clients to you. That’s good marketing.

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