Four Ways to Engage Clients within Two Weeks

January 22, 2010
1. Using your best clients list, send each an email that reads, “I have been thinking about your work and have three ideas for improving your business.” When you call be ready to share, but also ready to listen. Initiate engagement, then build a conversation.

2. Create a special offer that requires advance payment.  For example, “I am making a special offer for my favorite clients this month because it is my birthday. I have room for three engagements this month and will make you a priority if you respond to me within the next 7 days and pay in advance. Part of the deal is that I will take you out to dinner on my birthday or the closest date we can make!” Have fun with it – make it enticing.

3. Send out a newsletter and offer 1/2 day of free work to the first two people who respond. This is crazy, but it works. Often my clients need more time, so I credit them with 1/2 day and bill for the rest. Follow up by telephone.

4. Host a by-invitation-only learning event for high-stakes clients. Ask for RSVPs.

  • For those who do not RSVP, call and tell them you didn’t hear from them and want to invite them personally to attend.  Ask them how they are doing. If they say they are well, tell them this is the best time to raise the bar on their performance. If they are having difficulty, offer to help them out.
  • For those who RSVP they canNOT make it, offer to send them an executive summary from the event. Then ask them if you can come to their office and talk with them about their current situation. Tell them it is your way of staying current with your clients. No hard sell.
  • For those who RSVP to attend, put on your best performance. Do your prep and put together a presentation that is designed to knock your clients’ socks off. You should be the star. Do not bring in another speaker or people will see you as a meeting planner instead of a thought leader. Conclude the session with a survey that has n invitation to discuss the material and how it applies to them in more detail.

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