Develop Your Ability to Write Professionally

January 20, 2010

Writing did not come easy to me in the beginning. My first magazine article, 1100 words, ruined a perfectly good week-long vacation with my wife.  But, I persisted. I made a commitment to learn the craft, for the sake of my business if nothing else. I know that writing (a) is an excellent way to communicate, and (b) provides personal development as you learn how to better articulate your ideas.

Today I write 3-5 blog posts per month for Fast Co. You can read them all at SethFast.com. Six of the posts on my Fast Co blog have gone viral, rising to the Top Ten in an environment that receives close to a million hits per month. I also now contribute to the Washington Post’s online column, On Success. Read all of my submissions at SethPost.com.

In addition, I have two personal blogs that I just launched. Each has received almost 1,000 hits per month. The first is this one, FreelanceFortune.com, dedicated to helping other consultants, free agents, and entrepreneurs succeed. The other is GettingChangeRight.com, named after my upcoming book and highlighting content and ideas from the same.

And, of course, there is the book, Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out.

People ask me, How do you do it? How do you write so much? Well, first, there is the commitment to develop the craft. Second, I create systems. For example, I write most of my personal blog posts every Sunday – it takes me between 40 minutes and as long as 3 hours, depending on how fast I am interested in going. Third, I enjoy it immensely. There is nothing like seeing your own thought in front of your eyes, especially when it’s designed to help others.

It’s true one of my blog posts went viral, and brought the attention of a senior business editor at McGraw Hill to my desk, requesting a proposal. Shortly afterwards I was contacted by a literary agent. Within a month I had put together a proposal and my agent was showing it around. A month later I had a great deal with Jossey-Bass. The book hits Amazon this May.

Because of my success with Fast Co, and through a personal introduction by a good friend, I landed the Washington Post writing engagement. So, one writing opportunity leads to another. And it is all good promotion. Incidentally, my vacations have been going much smoother, too.

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