Using Website, Blogs and Twitter together

January 11, 2010

I pull all three of these together, pointing one at the other.

  • My website is VisionaryLeadership.com, which includes links to my mainstream blog, Leading Change, on Fast Co’s website. I have just started writing for the Washington Post’s website, On Success.  Soon that will appear on my website as well.
  • The Fast Co posts each contain a link to my website and other blogs.
  • I create handy urls – meaning easy to type and remember – so that I can tell others about these regular, topical writings: Fast Co blog can be found at SethFast.com, and the Washington Post contributions at SethPost.com.
  • I post regularly on two other blogs, FreelanceFortune.com (here), and GettingChangeRight.com, for people leading change.
  • Every post on my blogs is monitored by TwitterFeed, a marvelous, free utility that monitors my blogs and then posts a link on Twitter to each new entry shortly after it is published.

This is how they work together, supporting each other in my ultimate goal: expanding my reader base and introducing people to my ideas. In the process, I am building a body of work, attracting people interested in my expertise.

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