Managing the Inside of Your Head for Success

January 8, 2010

Your state of mind is your most important asset.  Treat it as the valuable resource that it is. Here are seven ways I keep my mind clear and my mood productive:

  1. I carefully select the professional friends I associate with. I have a few deep relationships for personal support and a wider group of colleagues for mutual exchange and good times.
  2. I exercise daily, twice if I can. It is a great mood enhancer and contributes to my physical well-being.
  3. I enjoy my downtime, and regularly schedule spans when I am in total control of what I choose to do.  This includes participating in silly, fun, or personally rewarding activities that I select without regard to what others would have me do.
  4. I set goals that are realistic and put my energies into those I can achieve. Therefore, I regularly enjoy the reward of success.
  5. I try to take one, two, or three initiatives forward at a time so I can see measurable progress, and content myself with small gains in all other areas.
  6. I regularly, systematically spend time with people whom I love and love me: my family and close friends. I enjoy their support and the development of our relationships.
  7. I reward myself throughout the day: a special trip to the coffee shop here, an intimate talk with my wife there. A small purchase or an occasional luxury item can do wonders for my mood.

I keep these activities up in difficult times as well as easy. They sustain me.

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