01 01 10 – first day of the tens

January 1, 2010

Today is the 1st day of the decade – a very special day. We have officially entered the tens, as in 2010. Traditionally the day is somewhat quiet. Little business is done. There is a kind of secular sacredness that pervades the atmosphere.

I have been advocating quite a bit of strategic reflection during the last few days, this time of annual transition, including reviewing your calendar, documenting your engagements and such.  Today is a day that is different – there is a quality in the air that is transcendent. My recommendation is to listen to the quiet, allow your intuition to rise to the surface.

Next week is the first week of January and there will be plenty to do. But, today, let your thoughts enter the stillness, and notice what is around you. Be sensitive and observe. It is a wonderful time to experience gratitude and equanimity. Allow the busyness which is to come to arise naturally from that which is essentially still and silent.

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