Plan your PowerSurge for 2010

December 28, 2009

Here we are in the week between Xmas and New Year, the perfect time for some strategy. I have written before about how to orchestrate surges. January is the best time for a PowerSurge. Here’s why:

  1. Most businesses are gearing up, but slow to get going. The first few days in January tend to be quiet and people are receptive to new ideas, even looking for inspiration and opportunity.
  2. There are three major times when businesses themselves surge forward: January, September, and the beginning of their fiscal year (FY). If their FY corresponds with one of these other two months, it becomes even more of an opportunity. January is a special occasion to be in sync with their needs.
  3. January can be a slow time for independents. Therefore it is a great time to  rechannel your energy into a high-leverage activity.

I will be holding a class in Washington, DC, January 8, PowerSurge 2010, to work with a select group of independents and small business owners, helping them to craft their PowerSurge ($150 early bird discount until midnight Dec. 31 – contact me if interested).  The topics are a great outline for you to follow whether you come to the class or not:

  • » PowerMarketing
  • » Finding the Right Clients
  • » What to Say When You Find Them
  • » Brand Building
  • » Mastering Time Management
  • » Leveraging Your Website, Blogs and Twitter
  • » Managing the Inside of Your Head for Success

Upcoming posts will be devoted to each of these topics to help you get ready for 2010.

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