Two Best Ways to Become a Better Speaker

December 22, 2009

Speaking is not optional. It’s part of being human. Become very good at it. It is the most effective form of marketing you will ever practice… plus it’s an excellent skill that serves under many condition, not just marketing. Here are the three best ways I know to improve:

  1. Listen to and watch other speakers.
    Every opportunity I have, I study others. I learn a great deal from watching others in action. The first time I had an opportunity to speak to over 500 people I knew I would be learning while I delivered. I went on stage in front of 1,800 and did my very best. As soon as it was over, I wanted to do it again because I learned more in that 45 minutes on stage than I ever could in any other way. That evening I had the chance to watch Jay Leno work the same crowd. I watched intently and learned a great deal. Leno, whatever you think of his humor, is a master with a crowd.
  2. Take every opportunity to practice.
    Speaking is not just about being paid to address an audience. It is about being engaging while you teach. Apply this everywhere appropriate. Any time you are asked to instruct, go out of your way to present via a compelling format. Take advantage of every invitation to craft a delivery that provides a takeaway in an easy-to-remember, easy-to-digest format.

Grow your passion for the oral art – take delight in sparking the flame of curiosity through the spoken word.

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