Laying the Groundwork to a Shared Future

December 18, 2009

The only way to have a new idea catch fire is to set it free in the world in ways that enable as many people as possible to begin using it constructively. That’s when exponential growth occurs.

Interaction lays the groundwork of the future. You must get out and talk to people. Find out what they are facing and learn how they see the world independent of your needs and goals.

We are constantly generating the future through interaction with unforeseen events and circumstances. The understandings we carry—what we are doing, where we are going, what and whom we are hoping to influence—shape our responses and initiatives and our behavior.

Communication, done well, enables us to (1) make sense of what is going on around us, (2) decide where to put our efforts, (3) balance the needs of the moment with our long-term goals, and (4) take action.

Communication done poorly does the opposite: it (1) confuses us, (2) makes it difficult for us to choose where to put our effort, (3) distracts us from the needs of the moment and our long-term intentions, and (4) stifles effective action.

Once you begin using communication effectively, you will immediately win support of a very important contingent: those who are focused on getting things done well, resolving pressing circumstances, and moving steadily toward their overarching objectives. These will be your very best clients.

So, go out and start a great conversation!

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