Four Techniques for Mastering Business Acquisition

December 17, 2009

By Business Acquisition I mean the practice of securing engagements. To ensure your success, here are four techniques you need to become expert in:

1. Make pressure work for you. Your job is to improve the condition of your clients. That means they want to do one of two things: get out of a jam or become better.  Either way there is pressure. Learn to get in there and work with that pressure to generate great results.

2. Create tools for your clients to succeed – they are better than brochures! When you provide a framework, template, checklist, format, assessment, or step-by-step process that gets good results, your good deeds will travel faster than any piece of marketing you have ever sent on its way.

3. Go for ONE BIG PLAY! Don’t design your communiqués for the masses. Customize them to your biggest, bestest possibility of the moment. Rather than using a shotgun, go for a rifle and hit the bulls-eye.  You can move forward in one giant leap after another that way.

4. Pump up your activity by doing powerful marketing campaigns. I call them surges and have taught entire classes on how to create a forceful increase in business. To learn the basics check out my post here. You need to plan these regularly into your calendar. Every time your pipeline fills, you have the opportunity to increase the value you provide and that’s what makes you more and more valuable!

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