It’s Time to Get Beyond Living Contract-to-Contract

December 7, 2009

Many solo entrepreneurs find themselves going from one contract to the next, with their income precariously maintained by the thin thread of engagements they manage to assemble. There is a better way.

First of all, realize that if you are maintaining this thread, however thin it is, you are capable of creating what you seek. You have successfully, until now, been able to string one contract along after the other, maintaining your work. All that is required now, is that you shift your attention. Instead of trying to secure work to feed yourself for the next little bit, adjust your focus to creating a system of engagements that perpetually delivers more than you need.

Then, you can begin refining your workload, pruning that which is less than satisfactory (too much time, not enough pay, avoiding relationships with idiots, etc.). That is a much more fulfilling quest, and what this week’s posts will be devoted to.

For now, see what results you get simply by shifting your intent:

  • What new opportunities arise to mind?
  • What obvious hindrances must you let go?

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