Create a System that Delivers More Work Than You Need

December 7, 2009

This is the Holy Grail of entrepreneurism. Once your pipeline is overflowing, you are in a position to adjust it to fit your goals. Whether it is more money, more free time, more rewarding work, or all of the above, you cannot really enter this level of performance until you have more work than you need.

Here are the four surefire ways to build a system of engagements that perpetually delivers more than you need:

  1. Limit your activity to serving those clients for whom you generate the most value.
    Study your markets and zero in on those where you have the greatest impact. The more value you generate, the more you can charge. By limiting yourself to high-return engagements you position yourself to most quickly create more than you need.

    To do this effectively, you will have to study your service from your clients’ point of view. You must choose those engagements that your clients value most, not those that you enjoy most.

  2. Find an effective business mentor who will help you accelerate your revenue growth.
    I greatly accelerated my business development by signing up under Alan Weiss and committing to intensive engagement with him and his work. Find someone who can help you.

    There is nothing that will speed up your capacity like learning from someone who has already mastered your business. If you like my posts, consider my mentor program, which includes access to Alan’s resources.

  3. Become a powerful marketer.
    It is not enough to be great at what you do. You must communicate this to your target audience in ways they understand and appreciate.

    Don’t stop marketing when you get work. Study time management courses if you must. Find ways to stay in the marketplace even as you are fully engaged. Recognize the power of deliberate, consistent, systematic marketing.

Build a diverse portfolio of services.
Multiple income streams are not just good for your bank account. They are also good for your pipeline. Choose an assortment of clients and pursue them regularly.

I have three groups that are part of my array of clients: (1) Senior managers in large multi-national organizations, (2) CEOs of $20-200 million companies, and (3) other consultants like myself.

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