Build a Consistent Presence to Create Reliability and Trust

December 4, 2009

Clients want to know they can depend on you. The speed with which you return phone calls and email is an intuitive indicator that creates satisfaction. It’s the same with regular communication.  I write my blog posts in batches and schedule them to appear daily in the morning, EST. This ensures my readers get something valuable every day.

I don’t worry about bombarding people for three reasons: (1) I consistently provide techniques people can put to use and get good results; i.e., the value is high, (2) Only people who subscribe to my blog or visit it regularly read these posts, so they are self-selected, and (3) I rely on daily posts myself from my favorite authors to inspire and direct my efforts, so I know how important daily contact can be.

My FreelanceFortune.com newsletter comes out twice a month (you can subscribe here). Blog posts are daily on weekdays.  They’re all free. I keep the quality high, and the marketing aimed at concrete value. My clients appreciate that – they tell me so. How can you reach out regularly to the people who depend on you?

One comment

  1. I just visited with an entrepreneur in his 28th year restoring classic automobiles. http://www.kensklassics.com/
    Okay I don’t like the way he spells “klassics” but everything else, he’s doing right! You have to, to stay in business when your clients spend $75k-$100k to get your technical/creative expertise.

    The lesson I took away from my visit with Ken was about the power of staying in touch with your clients, and how that can deliver concrete value.

    Every month Ken’s clients get a detailed diary of everything that’s been done on their cars, plus photos & an itemized statement. He’s showing evidence of the value they’re getting for their money. But more, he’s making them partners in the process. He’s taking them along on the journey.

    When that shiny roadster is back on the road, they’ll proudly tell the restoration story as if THEY were the ones who worked on the car–because Ken has made that story come alive for them. Pretty subtle marketing stuff for an auto mechanic.

    Thanks, Seth, for blogging about how consistent presence builds reliability & trust. In any business.

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