A Social Media Strategy that Works

December 2, 2009

I use my website, WordPress, Twitter, TwitterFeed, CC2Many for one of my newsletters, and FeedBurner and get good results reaching my clients with valuable techniques like this.

First things first: the client group I am reaching includes solo entrepreneurs, free agents, and small business owners. They read websites blogs, newsletters, and twitter.  Some of my other work focuses on CEOs and senior managers – they don’t.  Every group has its own habits and it’s your responsibility to know yours.

1. My websiteVisionaryLeadership.com, designed by HeatBrain, affirms my success by properly displaying my big-name clients. It is professionally done which is a necessity.  The force behind HeatBrain, Jon Roehm, understands strategic web design and is excellent at explaining core concepts like Search Engine Optimization. He provides tools, conversations, and patient guidance to ensure that the website gets the business results you are after. When you call him, tell him I sent you.

2. My WordPress blog – this one right here! – FreelanceFortune.com, carries my brand, designed by HeatBrain and easily implemented by Jon. The WordPress dashboard is easy to configure. Because of WordPress’ leadership in the marketplace, it is well indexed by all the major search engines. I can quickly archive my newsletters, making them available to the general public and search engines  – you’ll see them listed in the right column.  WordPress is free to start with. Once you like what you have, you can invest in some of the basic features that are all inexpensive, such as removing any possibility of advertising (hardly happens anyway, but for less than $20/year it will never happen).

I can write my posts in advance and schedule their publication, ensuring that I post daily. This post was written sometime ago while I flew across country.

3. My twitter account: @SethKahan – every day I post links to my blog posts and anytime I have a smart idea that I can capture in 140 characters or less, I send them out into the TwitterSphere. I use Twitter for professional communication only, providing high-value comments and links to my work. People can depend on me, and they do, as my steadily increasing followers attest. I know not because of the numbers of followers, but because of the interactions I have with many of them.

4. TwitterFeed is a service that scoops up the name of my blog post when it is published, creates a short link and sends it to Twitter on my behalf. This means that I don’t have to do anything and I am posting all my blog posts to Twitter. Doesn’t get any easier.

5. My CCtoMany newsletter is low tech – it does not have all of the features of an offering like ConstantContact, but I get first-class personal service from its owner and developer, Byron Lunz.  And, frankly, low tech is better in this situation. There is less of an issue of being filtered out by my clients’ spam filters. The choices are less, the interface is easier, and it gets the job done.

6. Feedblitz provides a handy interface that allows my readers to subscribe to my blog by email, and many other options. It takes all the work out of providing people my posts in their inbox.

These six tools combine to compound each other’s impact, helping me reach my clients – you – with all that I have to offer.


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