Four Ways to Get Meetings with Potential Clients

December 1, 2009

Opportunity and risk often travel together; when one is great, so is the other. Meeting face-to-face with high potential contacts is the most powerful way to advance a relationship. But, getting on someone’s calendar can be an extraordinary challenge. Here are four techniques for making it happen:

  1. Meet them where they already are. Show up at events they attend. Write for periodicals they read. Get yourself invited to business meetings they will attend.
  2. Request time to discuss substantive questions. Read their website. Google their name and their company. Interview customers, clients, members, and partners. Ask for their time to engage on a topic they care about.
  3. Issue an invitation that speaks to their concerns. Find out what’s on their mind by asking if you have the chance, and listen carefully to what they say regardless of whom they are speaking to. Then request a phone call or meeting to address what’s on their mind.
  4. Make yourself an expert in what they are seeking and let it be known. Take their interest on as if it was your own – it is! Come back with real value to share. Be ready to respond quickly to their cue.

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