Four Steps to Using Press Releases

November 25, 2009

Press releases are a great way to get your name and business out on the Internet, and they are very low cost. I use PR.com and only spend $30 per press release. For a listing of my recent press releases, visit my newsroom.

I sent out this press release on March 9, 2011, and 12 hours later this same release had popped up on at least fourteen other places on the Internet.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this service:

1. Go to PR.COM and sign up as your business. It’s free.

2. Take my press release and use it as a template to craft your own.
3. Go back to PR.COM and submit it. They will review it and make sure it’s written well. They’ll give you feedback and won’t publish it until you have it right. This is free. Hint, if you sign up as the XYZ business, you must connect the content of the press release to the XYZ business. That’s why all my press releases say I am the founder or principal of Performance Development Group.
4. When you submit it, choose the option that gets you in Google News – this puts you in worldwide circulation. It’s the $30 option, the cheapest of the paid options. You don’t need to pay for anything more. For your geographic location, just pick your city, that’s all you need. This doesn’t matter because once it’s on the Internet, the whole world can find it.  For your topic, choose Business.
That’s it!

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