Three Ways to Use Google Alerts

November 24, 2009

I use Google Alerts to:

1 – Track the appearance of my name on the Internet. Anytime something appears anywhere with my name in it, I want to be notified. This allows me to quickly comment on a blog post that mentions me.

2. Track topics that I should be commenting on and aware of – if someone creates a post on Visionary Leadership, I am notified and have the chance to respond.

3. Track clients. I have put in the professional expertise and names of all my current clients. I am in the loop on news that breaks, and often the first to notify a client of relevant items as they emerge.

The emails I get are routed into a special mailbox so that I can sit and scan through them at my leisure.

One comment

  1. Seth,

    Several more that may be helpful for your readers:
    1. Track all your brands and your web addresses (URLs).
    2. Track your clients’ brands and their URLs.
    3. Track important thought leaders that are in your field or others that you may be interested in their wisdom.
    4. Track your competitors and their brands.
    5. Track your important colleagues such as me 🙂


    Chad Barr
    CB Software Systems and The Chad Barr Group

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