Narrow Your Focus, Create Traction in the Market

November 13, 2009

Traction means engagement – that leads to satisfying work.  To get a grip, find clients you click with, narrow your focus to a particular group, even a particular client. Know exactly what they need and get good at delivering it.

I work with change leaders. That’s a pretty general way to describe my work. It won’t do when it gets down to describing exactly what I can do for a particular client. A few years ago I met a potential client in a large energy firm. When I met him he was consumed with the challenge of putting together a presentation for a group of people who were giving him lip service, but clearly not supporting him fully. He was under pressure and it was visible.

I offered to help him at no cost. In an hour I put together a set of recommendations on how to turn lip service into commitment. I gave him three techniques for generating all-out full support from skeptical stakeholders. He used my techniques and got results. Six months later I closed one of the largest contracts of my career, and he was the buyer.

I narrowed my focus to the details of his situation.  I was rewarded with his full attention, and subsequent engagement. How can you narrow your focus to create results for someone today?

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